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Welcome to Round-Robin-Tour Webpage!

This is an online platform where we can exchange information regarding the Round-Robin-CPC Inter-comparisons easily.
With our experiences last year, I thought it best to build this website to provide information to each other easily in a transparent fashion - espcially with regards to the status of the location of the CPCs.

How to use this website when the Round-Robin-CPC is in your station:

1. Please, read the Manual for the Round-Robin-Tour.
2. Give us all the time the Status of the Box in the provided form.
3. On the Menu, click on the Box number assigned to your station.
4. There you can find a table containing information about the Round-Robin-CPC provided by each station.
5. You will also find forms, wich are basically logbooks and data submission, that you must complete latest after the inter-comparison. I will put all the information you sent on the table.
6. After analysing the data you will find the results under "Results" in the table for each box and the whole report on the ECAC website.

Manual for the Round-Robin-Tour
last update June 27, 2018

Please give us all the time the Status of the Box:

 arrived on the station sent back to TROPOS
 inter-comparison has technical problems

Contact form for general information or questions:

Box status: GGREENG - operational   RREDR - not operational    BBLUEB - maintenance in TROPOS
Box I
Box II
Box IV
Box V
check in TROPOS
check in TROPOS
check in TROPOS
check in TROPOS
check in TROPOS


last update: July 16, 2019
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